Guide To Update WhatsApp Plus [Step By Step]

When we receive a new update for one of our favorite apps or games, we show the most positive facial expression and energy. Because dealing with the old ethics isn’t an option in this situation, we love the new app updates for their interface, insider features, and lack of bugs. Similar to WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus regularly releases new updates.

Sometimes a month with WhatsApp Plus is the best month ever because you receive two version updates. New methods for instant messaging will be added, and just so you know, an updated version of WhatsApp Plus is required for it to function.

Every time a new feature is added to WhatsApp Messenger, Meta releases a new version of the app; as a result, WhatsApp Plus must also implement these new source codes. The developer community notifies us each time immediately after creating and displaying these upgrades as we received one of WhatsApp Plus’s official touches.

As we offer the official WhatsApp Plus version straight from their XDA developers, you can also get the updates directly from our website. Not only are the updates genuine, but they are also timely, which is why you should stay with us. Choose whichever method best suits your needs from the list below to update the WhatsApp Plus app on your phone.

How to Update WhatsApp Plus

Two Methods To Update WhatsApp Plus

Pressing all the available ways to upgrade WhatsApp Plus on this website would waste a lot of time and it’ll also make the choosing process complex for you. Therefore, let’s understand only two processes here for upgrading WhatsApp Plus app using the Internet.

Method 1: Update Through Our website (recommended)

You can update the interface of the WhatsApp Plus app at any time right from our website. We are one of the fastest providers of updates for WhatsApp Plus, so the best way to get the latest version is to download it directly from our site. It won’t cost you any money or time, but you’ll need to follow the steps below.

  1. Click this link to get redirected to the official download page of our website.
  2. Hit the Download button maybe with a green background color.
  3. Wait for downloading and suddenly hit the Open button.
  4. Tap the Install button for the app installation.
  5. After a successful installation, you just need to enter the same WhatsApp number and use an OTP to verify your account.
  6. You know what, you successfully made an update and you’re good to go with Chatting.

Method 2: Directly from The app

The WhatsApp Plus app’s interface also has a section called “Updates” where you can check for the latest updates in a safe way and get them right from the app. Still, we decided to keep this option in second place because the process is a little hard. But it’s one of the two ways to quickly update WhatsApp Plus, and we’ll talk about it below.

Note: You can only use this method for updating if your WhatsApp Plus app version isn’t downgraded or if you’re still able to use it. As the process goes through the inside interface of the app and you can’t make it with a downgraded version, or without opening the app.

  1. First, you need to open the WhatsApp Plus app.
  2. After that, you need to click the (⋮) menu button on the top.
  3. Choose the Plus Settings from the menu and open it.
  4. You’ll get an Updates tab in the list menu.
  5. Enter this Updates tab and click the button “Check for Updates”.
  6. This will take seconds and display if you get any WhatsApp Plus updates.
  7. Otherwise, it’ll show a message, “You are using the latest version.”

The only two methods for updating the WhatsApp Plus app interface that we felt were crucial to include in this article were those two. You can search online for additional methods, but in my opinion, these two are the easiest, so pick one and update the WhatsApp Plus app interface right away.

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