What is WhatsApp Plus? All You Need To Know!

We have some doubts here. Why WhatsApp Plus even exists in this technologically advanced online world is the question at hand. WhatsApp Plus: What is it? What is its purpose? Using this article, we will patiently address each of these questions one at a time. But before we do that, let’s talk about the WhatsApp Plus protocol.

Facebook was the one to discover online messaging, and it has since advanced in various ways. Later, two Yahoo developers developed WhatsApp using IM, or instant messaging, technology. You can send a text message from any location, whether it’s on a couch in India or the United States of America.

With the addition of a few new features to its messaging platform, WhatsApp has made it much simpler for users to share media files like contacts, images, videos, documents, and app packages in addition to messages. They also added the Calling feature, which allows users to make online audio and video calls, greatly enhancing the app’s functionality.

There is a lot to cover, but we won’t bore you with the specifics you already know. So, let’s move on to the following section to learn more about WhatsApp Plus.

What is WhatsApp Plus

What is WhatsApp Plus?

With the introduction of WhatsApp Messenger, online messaging was undoubtedly improved, but what was discontinued? the average life expectancy of people. With Android applications, websites, PC software, and even just user interfaces, everyone enters their own prospects. However, WhatsApp forced users to use the same app interface repeatedly.

Mark my words, you aren’t going to get ahead of any new update related to such a theme or any other interface personalization feature ever in WhatsApp Messenger. Although, you can also think of it as an opportunity to take change from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus. That’s where our game player gets into the internet world.

WhatsApp Plus is the modified version of WhatsApp Messenger built with some advanced capabilities and resources unavailable in official WhatsApp Messenger. You can do almost all your mindful stuff in this version, then either if it’s with the personalization stuff or privacy stuff. You need to make an instant pick here between the freedom and aged interface.

What’s WhatsApp Plus for?

WhatsApp Plus is for all the good about getting included in your Instant Messaging. It’s for all the blindness the official version spread in the messenger minds about creating a lack of privacy as a habit. WhatsApp Plus is a reason to provide WhatsApp Plus again a rank of the best messaging protocol on the internet. There are more rationales listed below.

Tricking Messaging

You can take advantage of a few tricky features of WhatsApp Plus to gain an advantage over everyone else using the official service. All we need is clear, straightforward communication, and WhatsApp Plus would both intrinsically and extrinsically aid in that. The tricky features listed below are all included in WhatsApp Plus.

  1. Auto Reply – An option you can settle for automating messages based either on a particular reply or every message.
  2. Message Scheduling – If you want to attend an important meeting and you’re giving your phone to your colleague to make an important message on time, stop doing that. Use Message Scheduling and schedule all the important messages to deliver on time.
  3. Anti-Delete Messages – This feature will help you if you have a problem with that funny friend deleting every message before you read them. This feature while enabled, won’t delete that message for you but will show that guy or gal deleted.
  4. Mass Message Sender – You can use this feature for sending the same message to a lot of traffic without broadcasting that message. There is no limit to choosing the number of contacts here but it’s also one of the risky features of WhatsApp Plus. Use it at your own risk.

Applying Privacy Tactics

WhatsApp Plus offers you a wide range of privacy strategies. This trait won’t fool your messaging, but it will assist you in hiding your online activity, such as being online, viewing messages, receiving messages, and typing messages. The best way to use WhatsApp Plus is to be able to hide all these things from your WhatsApp traffic.

  1. Hide Online Status – You’re online, seeing messages from people, but people can’t know you’re online. That’s what happens when you enable the Freeze Online Status or Hide Online Status feature of WhatsApp Plus.
  2. Hide typing… – Now on, you can type WhatsApp messages without letting your contact know that you’re typing them. Just enable it and the app’s source will disable typing… status from your profile.
  3. Hide Status Seen – Now you can hiddenly watch all your contact’s status without letting them know about that. WhatsApp Plus contains an additional button on every status with a double tick. Your contact won’t get the seen status from your side until you won’t click this button for them.
  4. Disable Forwarded – If you want to forward any message from either a group or a pal send to someone else, it’s impossible to pitch that without a Forwarded mark. If you want to disable this mark, start using the WhatsApp Plus version as it includes a Disable Forwarded feature.
  5. Freeze Last Seen – This last-seen freezing feature is likewise to what you already get with the official version of WhatsApp. After enabling it, nobody in your contact list can see when you were online the last time.


Since WhatsApp has so many restrictions, there can be no freedom of messaging. Like how our family limits our vacations, WhatsApp also places restrictions on our messaging, allowing for the sharing of only 20 low-resolution images at a time.

Additionally, we are unable to simultaneously forward messages to many recipients. Downloading WhatsApp Plus will remove all the following restrictions.

  1. Limitation of sharing media files – You can now share as many photos and videos as you want using WhatsApp Plus. Skip to the good part by downloading it now.
  2. Limitation of forwarding messages – Pals can now forward a message to more than 100 people and groups at the same time without any limitations.
  3. Limitation on image resolution – Send any image up to 4 MBs in size without minimizing the resolution like the official version of WhatsApp you used before.
  4. Limitation on pinning messages – It’s impossible for you to pin more than 3 messages in WhatsApp, but the Plus version allows you to pin way more messages at the same time.

There are a lot more reasons why WhatsApp Plus was developed, but it’s helpful to know this information right now. You can access the official page of our website, which includes all of the additional features of WhatsApp Plus, including customization, resources, and security features if you’d like to learn more about them.

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