How to Use WhatsApp Plus Like a Pro [Tutorial]

You can begin using WhatsApp Plus in any way; there is no wrong or difficult path to follow. However, everyone has some general questions about using WhatsApp Plus that should be present in their minds. Here, we’ll go over every method for utilizing WhatsApp Plus to its full potential.

In addition to that, we’ll also discuss how WhatsApp Plus functions because the majority of mod users feel threatened by their own perception of illicit WhatsApp Mods. Using WhatsApp Mods is completely legal, and you’ll discover why and how the WhatsApp Plus Mod functions without the assistance of the official WhatsApp company.

You must prepare for everything that will be discussed below because we have a lot planned. This time, we’ll also address any insider questions you may have regarding WA Plus. Keep track of your questions and have them all answered quickly by using the sections below, beginning with what WhatsApp Plus actually is.

How to Use WhatsApp Plus Like Pro

What is WhatsApp Plus?

Two developers, Jan Koum and Brian Acton developed WhatsApp after spending the next 20 years working at one of the unicorn companies, Yahoo. WhatsApp is now present on billions of phones worldwide. People got stuck using the same official WhatsApp three years after 2009, and that’s what caused a difference.

People started looking for a proper alternative once they began to think that the official version of WhatsApp wouldn’t be updated in terms of colors, interface, privacy, and other factors. Thank goodness this WhatsApp Plus version was developed in 2012 by Rafalete, a Spanish developer.

People started using WhatsApp Plus, a modified version of the app, long before Instagram was created. It has the exact app resource codes and other servers, and although it isn’t supported by the WhatsApp company, it still functions officially. Because of this, WhatsApp Plus is a mod that users can mistake for the friend version.

This version is for those who are desperate for a change and who want to improve their instant messaging.

How does WhatsApp Plus work?

When Rafalete made the WhatsApp Plus version in 2012, it used the same servers and codes as WhatsApp. Now you might be wondering how he got into those server codes and resource codes. Before 2012, this change was mostly caused by developers who accidentally leaked the official source codes and server access.

Since then, WhatsApp Plus has shared the same package name, which acts as a unique identifier. They also share the same codes. Mark Zuckerberg or the Meta company can’t find people who use WhatsApp Plus to close their accounts because the codes for WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus seem to be the same.

So, basically, that’s how it works. With all of the WhatsApp codes in the same range, it’s easier to keep track of them, and you get extra features like customization, privacy, and security.

How to use WhatsApp Plus as a true messenger?

WhatsApp Plus got so many plus points while being a messenger app. Here below, we’re pointing out some default messaging tactics you can make with the WhatsApp Plus version. Afterward, you will also have the next section based on some additional privileges of WhatsApp Plus and absolutely the way to use them.

Initial Tabs: When you initialize or launch the WhatsApp Messenger app, you get just the three initial tabs, Chats, Status, and Calls. Plus versions have plussed or added a new tab to make the messaging simpler. There are four tabs now and basically, they added one for keeping the groups on a different side of messaging. You now get the below tabs.

  • Chats
  • Groups
  • Status
  • Calls

Messaging: Messaging is the same in both the WhatsApp versions, WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Plus. There will be absolutely no differences at all. If you want to message someone, you can simply open the contacts bar and choose the pal to whom you ought to send a message. Adding to that, we also have a list of steps.

  1. Run the WhatsApp Plus app on your phone and click the Message icon below.
  2. Choose the pal whom you need to send a message from your contact list.
  3. Type the message in the below message window.
  4. Click the green send icon and you sent a message successfully

Feeding Stories (Status): WhatsApp Plus is a competitor in social platforms as well as messaging apps. Competing with apps like Instagram and Facebook, it also provides you with a space to share stories, what’s named Status in here. Feeding status is simple and you can use photos, videos, and also captions to feed.

  1. Run the WhatsApp Plus app on your phone and open the Status tab.
  2. Click the My Status button with a + icon on it.
  3. Choose the image, video, or caption you need to feed.
  4. Click the Send icon like a right-side pointing arrow and there you are with your feed.

Calling: Internet calling is also one of the default possibilities of WhatsApp Plus. You can make both audio and video calls using WhatsApp Plus’s individual Calls tab. It just needs you and your contact to be online with a perfect internet connection for the quality of the call.

  1. For calling via WhatsApp Plus, first, open the app on your phone.
  2. Now, open the Calls tab from the upper four tabs.
  3. You can either create a call link and send it to the contact whom you want to call.
  4. You can also click the Call icon below with a + successor on it to make a call from your contact list.
  5. Choose among video or audio calls and you’re all set for an internet call.

How to use WhatsApp Plus like an artist?

Additionally, WhatsApp Plus has an artistic perspective, and you can use it with some additional privileges while still feeling creative. Consider obtaining WhatsApp developer access, which enables you to modify the app’s user interface, increase privacy, and access new fonts. Use the following tips if you want to feel like an artist when you carve.

Customization: WhatsApp Plus’s app interface can be changed to suit your preferences. Here, customization is divided into two categories, one of which can be characterized as a quick and easy design and the other as a timely item. Your favorite colors and styles require a time investment, whereas themes allow you to make changes right away.

  1. For using the themes, you first need to open the WhatsApp Plus app.
  2. After that, click the (⋮) icon on the top and open Plus Settings.
  3. In the Plus Settings, select and open the Themes option.
  4. Click the Download Themes button and now you’ll see so many themes listed with their screenshots.
  5. Choose your desired one and click the Install button after it.

Privacy and Security: Artists value their privacy above all else and will do anything to protect it. Being a privacy-rich messenger is a requirement for using WhatsApp Plus as an artist, so let’s take a closer look at the features of our app. Each privacy and security setting has its own area, and you can use this menu as you see fit.

  1. Get the WhatsApp Plus app open on your device.
  2. Click again this (⋮) icon on the top tab of the app.
  3. Open the Plus Settings from the list and there you’ll see a Privacy and Security option.
  4. Get to these Privacy and Security settings and make your messaging private as well as secure.

Styling: Now we’re talking about the exterior styling as we did the internal customization using themes and the privacy part of the app. Let’s make a change on the outer side of WhatsApp Plus. You can follow the below process for getting this new kind of style.

  1. Run the WhatsApp Plus app on your phone and click this (⋮) icon placed on the top.
  2. Click the Plus Settings button for opening a menu of privileges.
  3. Open the Universal tab from here.
  4. Now, you’ll get a Style option. Enter inside there to start styling the outer space of WhatsApp Plus.

Inside this styling menu, you’ll get the features listed below:

  • Notification Icons
  • Launcher Icons
  • New Emoticons
  • Font Styles
  • Bubbles and Ticks

Use all the above information to make the proper employment of WhatsApp Plus in both ways, artistic and default messaging.

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